The Master of Industrial Distribution (MID) is a 4-semester, part-time, mobile learning graduate program designed for working professionals. It offers value through the incorporation of both academic professor and industry leaders who co-teach each course allowing you to learn not only academic theories, but relevant and practical applicability with industry! The MID program focuses on supply chain management, logistics, and profitability of distributors and manufacturers (suppliers) in industrial channels. We specifically target a variety of seasoned professionals in management and leadership roles. The MID program involves immersive learning experiences such as Residency Week, a Global Project Trip and a Capstone Project.


Residency Week

Residency Week is a week-long, intense learning experience where successful working relationships with faculty and fellow classmates are formed while in Aggieland.


Global Project & Trip

The Global Distribution course features “real-time” case studies with multiple global companies and includes an international trip to the companies’ operations.


Capstone Project

Your Capstone Project will work closely with faculty and researchers to deliver a high-value solution that is immediately applicable to your participating company.