What is Industry Consortium

Distribution Research Consortiums

The Global Supply Chain Laboratory (GSCL) establishes and runs Research Consortiums every year to conduct research and develop research driven educational programs. These consortiums will conduct research in distribution topics and develop practical methodology and tools that can be used by the consortium members to improve their operations. A two day educational session will be developed based on the resulting knowledge, methodology and tools.

What is a Research Consortium

A Research Consortium is a collaboration of two or more companies, trade associations, universities or government agencies to conduct research with the objective of developing solutions to a problem or a challenge common to everyone by pooling their resources for achieving a common goal.

Why join a Research Consortium?

Many times companies cannot afford to invest in some research and development due to high cost and/or lack of knowledge resources required to conduct the research. Research Consortiums are an economic path to low cost, high quality research and development that is essential to the growth of the company.

Who should join this Research Consortium?

This Research Consortium will be beneficial to:

  • Distributors and Manufacturers who supply through Distribution.
  • Technology Providers who serve Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers

What are the Benefits?

The benefit to the consortium member includes the opportunity to actively participate in this ground-breaking research into one of the most crucial and timely challenges facing the industry. Each member of this consortium will also be able to direct the scope of this research so that the results are actionable and sustainable. Additionally, members of the consortium will have the opportunity to send 5 or 20 people depending on the size of the consortiums, from their organization to the educational programs at no cost other than the travel expenses. The educational programs will be scheduled two times every year following the conclusion of each consortium.