Customer Stratification


  • Misaligned Sales Force Deployment
  • High Cost-to-Serve (CTS)
  • High Customer Attrition
  • Underpricing or cost-plus pricing


  • Multi Criteria Stratification
    • Buying Power
    • Profitability
    • Loyalty
    • Cost-to-Serve
  • Combination Customer Stratification


  • Optimal Sales Force Deployment
  • Improved Net Margins
  • High Customer Retention
  • Competitive Value Proposition

“We have found the information from the customer stratification model to be very useful, pragmatic, and quickly applicable into our business. We have realized some early wins and anticipate a greater positive impact in our business.”
– Art Kostaras, President (Past), Womack Machine Supply Company

Data Methodology Results

“‘Customer Stratification’ has the power to enable us to transform our company from being product-driven to customer-driven. It has helped us understand our customers in greater
detail, enabling us to optimize our selling resources, which will result in an improved ROI.”
-Don Schalk, President and COO, C.H. Briggs Company

Cost to Serve Factors