Network Optimization


  • Unplanned Organic Growth
  • Multiple Facilities through M&A’s
  • Long Lead Times
  • Excessive Inventory
  • Competition Driven
  • Ineffective Routing/Scheduling
  • Poor Truck Capacity Utilization (loading or cubing) Market
  • High Cost-to-Serve


  • Facility Network Optimization
  • Hub and Spoke Design
  • Service vs. Cost Matrix


  • Facility Reduction/Expansion, Optimal Network Capacity, and Reduced Operating Expenses
  • Optimal Network Configuration
  • Aligned Inventory Deployment
  • Insight Into Service-cost Trade-offs
  • High Profitability
  • Reduced Delivery Cost Per Order
  • Increased Capacity Utilization

“The network optimization research has allowed our company to continue to stay ahead of our competition and excel in customer service.”
-Tim Miller, Vice President – Operations Security Contractor Services, Inc.


Cubing Optimization

“Hats off to Texas A&M for taking common industry problems with complex components and developing scientific methodologies that are flexible enough to work for any company.”
-Jimmy Roark, Regional Sales Manager NOV Wilson

Cost vs Service Trade-off