Pricing Optimization


  • Multi-criteria pricing model – Item, Customer, Geography and Time
  • Stratifying and moving customers to ‘Profit Zone’
  • A practical and effective ‘Cost To Serve’ model
  • Rules for profitability (Risk vs. Reward)
  • DO IT YOURSELF – Easy to implement pricing framework
  • A best practice approach to pricing


  • Sales Force Dashboard – Information for better negotiation
  • How to leverage on existing and readily available system information?
  • Why and how to link inventory and customer classifications?
  • Structured & easy-to-understand approach
  • Optimal allocation of sales force resources
  • Real-world implementation benchmarks

“The Pricing Optimization program really opened my eyes to a holistic approach to pricing strategy. This program is about more than just pricing—it makes you consider the cost-to-serve, which products to sell, and how to use your resources to build more core customers, serve them better,and be more profitable doing it.”
– Duane Van Dyke, Womack Machine Supply Co.

Pricing Framework

“The Pricing Optimization conference provided an expert level of analysis and insight that every distributor needs but few
have the time or resources to produce on their own. It was both timely and valuable.”
– Paul Sommerfeld, Director, Applications & Training, CSC, A Division of WESCO Distribution

Primary Pricing Variables

“Given the complexity of pricing, the Texas A&M Pricing Optimization program has gone a long way to specifying all the relevant elements and more importantly putting them in terms that can be quantified and managed.”
Lawrence Mohr, Ph. D., Retired – Senior Vice President, F.W. Webb Company

Methodology Impact