Supplier Stratification


  • Sub-optimal Channel Investment
  • Misaligned Channel Compensation
  • Subjective Performance Analysis
  • Lack of Channel Loyalty


  • Multi Criteria Stratification
    • Supply Chain Performance
    • Financial Performance
    • Strategic Alignment
  • Combination Supplier Stratification


  • Analytics Driven Process
  • Aligned Channel Profitability
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Focused Channel Investment
  • Optimal Channel Proposition

“The information is organized very well, supported by robust research specifically on the distribution industry, presented in an easily digestible manner, and linked to real-world examples to help convert concepts into actionable items.”
-David A. Larson, Vice President–Operations, DW Distribution Inc

Stratification Methosology

“Linking customer stratification to our supplier and inventory systems empowers our team to quickly distill the variables affecting risk and reward so they can make better and more profitable business decisions.”
-Frank Flynn, President, Sager Electronics

Channel Alignment
ROI on Supplier Satisfaction