Course Descriptions

Advanced Sales Management

This course focuses on aligning customer needs, sales force priorities, and wholesaler-distributor objectives to maximize value creation. This course speaks to the critical business issues all companies face in leading and growing their organizations. As the economy continues to struggle, there is no more important time than right now for distribution management teams to attend this program.

Executive Session on Distributor Competitive Advantage

If you are planning to set your firm on a sustainable profitable growth journey while sharpening competitive advantage in your marketplace, this program provides you a blueprint to achieve the same. If you are not planning to grow your firm above-average industry growth, this program content may not align with your strategic intent.

Distribution Human Capital Development

This program is designed to help distributors develop a competitive advantage through human capital development. Making human capital a competitive advantage for organizations is a long-term process that requires a clear vision, holistic thinking, strategic planning, carefully crafted strategies and multi-party collaborations. This course is based on the Optimizing Human Capital Framework and produced as a result of a two-year applied research and extensive fieldwork. The research efforts generated a diverse set of best practices that focus on five key Talent Practices.

Distribution Manager Certificate Program

Distribution has evolved so rapidly and branch managers are being tasked with additional responsibilities in areas of operations and finance. Managers have been forced to become entrepreneurs and no longer manage just the day-to-day operations. Often, managers in their transformed role see themselves making critical business decisions but most times are not equipped with the right tools and best practices for decision making.

Intensive Customer Stratification

Best-in-class distributors categorize customers based on various factors, but customer stratification has long been an unexplored area for most distribution companies. Not anymore. Customer stratification is a critical business process that every distributor should adopt and execute well to achieve greater profitability. When you educate your staff about the customer stratification best practices, they will have the tools, knowledge, and motivation to establish and sustain this important business process.

Intensive Inventory Management

This program deals with STOCK processes such as inventory stratification, forecasting and replenishment. You will get hands on experience performing inventory stratification, analyzing demand patterns, applying various forecasting methods, evaluating forecast error to choose the best method, and deciding ‘what to order?’ and ‘how much to order?’

The New Science of Customer Service

The topics addressed in this course are service growth and differentiation, customer service attributes, conflict resolution and service recovery, lifetime value calculations, service strategy and stratification, service culture building blocks, service standards and innovation, employee satisfaction drivers, talent selection, empowerment and flexibility.

Optimizing Business Analytics

A 2‐day executive education program, offered by TJR Center for Distribution Research and Education, Texas A&M University

Optimizing Channel Compensation

This course will help you determine how service models are changing, how distributors are being compensated for new processes, capture best practices in manufacturer–distributor collaboration, examine and document distributor compensation models in terms of traditional product margin (distributor-driven), fee for service (customer-driven), incentive based (manufacturer-driven), etc.

Optimizing Distributor Profitability

For years individual firms and researchers have been compiling many best practices for distributors. These practices have been time tested, and a “best” approach is now known for almost every imaginable distributor activity. Though each best practice has been analyzed in isolation and projections about their impact on financial statements have been made, no one has attempted to take all relevant best practices and determine the effect of implementing the most significant ones on the firm’s ROI and net profit. How profitable can a distributor be when all of the potential best practices are implemented? The perfect distributor would not only implement the most significant best practices, but would do so by optimally deploying resources that include people, inventory, cash, facilities, and equipment. This program and the research behind it aims to determine the path to creating the perfect distributor–to see how profitable a distributor can become.

Pricing Optimization

Forward-thinking wholesaler-distributors who strive for above-average returns in the “New Normal” by leveraging pricing optimization best practices that are rooted in sound analytics must attend this course. It’s time for distributors to up their game on pricing. The issue of margin erosion will never end if you do not get creative—first with pricing methods, and second with value proposition.

Professional Sales Certificate: Value Based Process Development

This 24-hour program is designed to help move participants from a transactional sale—in which features and benefits are presented with little or no regard for the specific needs of the customer/prospective customer—to a solution-based sale—in which a salesperson engages the customer/prospective customer in a conversation. The purpose of this conversation is to determine the specific needs of the customer/prospective customer prior to presenting the salesperson’s products and services as a solution to the needs discovered.