Certificate Programs

Gain Competitive Advantage Through Education


Our programs are structured based on duration, level of intensity and job functions. Our program content goes through significant content changes each year in order to cater to the dynamic nature of various industries, lines of trade, and business cycles. We are able to do this by working closely with our industry partners and our research team (Global Supply Chain Laboratory) to incorporate new bodies of knowledge (applied and proven best practices) to keep our content relevant. We have seen attendees go through the same program multiple times over the years to keep themselves updated and educated on new best practices. Our teaching philosophy emphasizes on three key aspects – BE UNIQUE in your industry (distinctive value proposition), GAIN competitive advantage (be ahead of your competition) and BE RELEVANT (sustainability and staying current). To help you choose a program we categorize our programs as short courses (1-2 days in duration), intensive programs (3-5 days) and technical programs (DXP Fluid Systems Lab – Fluid systems education and engineering experience).

Short Courses

Course Title Duration Job/Business Functions
Advanced Sales Management 2.5 days Sales, marketing, regional and functional heads, business development and executive team
Distribution Human Capital Development 2 Days Senior management responsible for sales, operations and growth, Human resource leaders, managers and professionals, Organization development, training managers and professionals, Profit center and business development managers
The New Science of Customer Service 2 Days Customer service, insides sales personnel, sales, branch managers, marketing managers, executive management
Optimizing Business Analytics 1.5 Days C-Suite, Business Analytics/Intelligence Development Professionals, Sales Managers, Purchasing Managers, Operations Managers, Business Function Managers
Optimizing Channel Compensation 1.5 Days C-Suite, business owners, supplier development and management, marketing, product managers, channel managers, business development
Optimizing Distributor Profitability 1.5 days Strategic business managers, regional and functional heads, branch managers, operations managers, controllers and finance managers, C-Suite, business owners and entrepreneurs
Pricing Optimization 1.5 days Sales, regional managers, pricing, IT, analysts (business / data), finance, purchasing, strategic pricing managers, customer service, customer loyalty managers
Professional Sales Certificate: Value Based Process Development 2.5 days Senior management responsible sales productivity, sales managers, sales professionals, sales trainees, individuals who support sales organizations

Intensive Courses

Course Title Duration Job/Business Functions
Distribution Manager Certificate Program 5 Days Branch managers, sales managers, high potential candidates for management, and distribution professionals
Executive Session on Distributor Competitive Advantage 3 Days C-Suite, executive and senior management, high potential candidates for management, strategic managers, regional profit center heads, business development managers, business owners and entrepreneurs
Intensive Customer Stratification 4 Days Sales (inside, outside, technical, and customer service reps), business development, marketing, operations, pricing, analysts (business / data), finance, IT, anyone who communicates or works with customers
Intensive Inventory Management 4 Days Inventory planners, buyers, inventory specialists, purchasing, supplier management, IT, analysts (business / data), finance, sales, category managers, product specialists, brand managers, anybody who manages inventory in your firm

Technical Programs

Course Title Duration Job/Business Functions
Excellence in High Value Manufacturing Management 3 Days Manufacturing Engineers, Manufacturing Technicians, Project Engineers, Materials Managers, Procurement Engineers