PUMP 201: Advanced Pump Fundamentals II

Excellence in Fluid Systems Education – DXP Fluid Systems Lab

3 DAYS | $999

August 9-11, 2016 | Register


  • Advanced topic specific areas of pump performance taught by industry professionals.


  • Pump fundamental review.
  • Seals and their performance in pumping applications.
  • Bearings and power frame performance.
  • Condition monitoring and pump performance.
  • Why do pumps fail?


  • Advanced look at seal design and performance in specific industrial applications.
  • Specific bearity designs and life of pumps.
  • How do you make your pump last longer with condition monitoring?
  • Value analysis of keeping your pumps running well.


  • Plant Managers.
  • Sales and Engineering Professionals.
  • Seasoned “Pump Professionals” wanting more detailed analysis of seals, bearings, pump service life and condition monitoring.