Advising & FAQs

Contact for Industrial Distribution Program Advising

To schedule an appointment with an undergraduate academic advisor, please click here.

Main Front Desk Phone: 979-845-4951


Tarah Kennedy

Phone: (979) 845-4974

Merrideth Holub

Phone: (979) 845-1675

Lauren Huff

Phone: (979) 845-4630

Address: Fermier Hall, Room 106
Texas A&M University
3367 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3367
Fax: (979) 845-4980


How do I determine if a course will transfer to TAMU?

  • Go to:
  • If you are a TAMU student looking to take a course at another college, select “Search by TAMU Course” on the left:
        i) Select the subject and course you want to search
        ii) Select the college you want to take the course at, or you may search “ALL colleges in Texas” to view a list of equivalent courses at all Texas colleges
      iii) Click “Search by TAMU Course”
  • If you want to determine if a course that you have taken will transfer to TAMU, then select “Search by Sending Institution” on the left
        i) Select the state and college that you are sending the course from
        ii) Select the course you completed at that college
      iii) Click “Get Equivalencies”

Can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment please click HERE. Walk-in hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-4pm and Wednesdays 9am-11:30am.

Can I get a force?

  • There are no forces available for IDIS classes, once the rooms have been assigned the limits are set. You can watch the classes closely during open registration and during add/drop week as students tend to dramatically change their schedules and spots become available.
  • For all other classes that are not ID classes, please contact the relevant departments for possible forces.

Common Registration Errors

  • Student Attribute Restriction:
    You need to sign your Lab Safety Acknowledgement each semester in your Howdy.
  • Prerequisite and test score error:
    If currently enrolled in a prerequisite class outside of A&M, wait until final grades post and send me a screenshot of your passing grade as an attachment and I will do an override to allow you to register while your transcript is being processed by the Registrar’s office. Please note, you still need to send your transcript to the Registrar’s office as per usual, I do the override to save you time.
  • For MMET 181 ONLY, you need to email your UIN, name and major to
  • If you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite class at A&M, you will still be able to register and this is not the reason you are receiving the error. To determine why you are receiving the error, please click on “Restrictions and Details” for the class. For example, you may have taken MATH 141 or 171 instead of MATH 151, and while we accept it, that is the reason you are getting the error. Please email with the reason for the error, your UIN and the classes you are requesting (not CRN’s) and I will do an override to allow you to register
  • Major: Click on restrictions and details. Within ETID, you should only get this error on MMET classes. Choose a section that is for ID students
  • Classification: If you’re a Freshman/Sophomore trying to take Junior/Senior level classes, wait until Dec when your hours post and then register.**PLEASE NOTE: If you have an approved override you must still register for the course yourself

I have a hold on my account.

  • Only the entity that put the hold on your account can remove it. Therefore, if it is a hold placed by student business services, you will need to contact them to have it removed
  • If you have a hold as a result of not submitting your degree planner, please do so immediately for approval. Please reference the degree planner tutorial in Howdy if you need assistance completing it

What are some common course substitutions?

  • ENGR 111 will substitute for ENDG 105
  • ENGL 203, ENGL 241, and COMM 203 will substitute for ENGL 210 (only if taken before entering the major)
  • MGMT 209 will substitute for MGMT 212, however, only MGMT 209 will count for the Business Minor
  • ACCT 229 will substitute for ACCT 209
  • ECON 203 will substitute for ECON 202
  • MATH 141+142 or MATH 171 will count for MATH 151
  • STAT 211 will count for the STAT requirement

Can elective subjects double count?

  • The technical elective, directed elective and ID elective cannot double count for each other and are all required for the degree plan

What are some common VPAs/Humanities that double count as International and Cultural Diversity (ICD) courses?

  • Go to
  • Common Language, Philosophy & Culture courses: ANTH 205, GEOG 202, THAR 281
  • Common VPA courses: ARTS 150, ENDS 101
  • If you only need an International Cultural & Diversity credit, please go to

How do I know what classes to take?

  • Do your degree evaluation and then refer to your flowchart (NOT degree planner):
    1) Log into
    2) Click the “My Record” tab
    3) Click “View Degree Evaluation”
    4) Select current term (eg: Spring 2016) and submit
    5) Click “Generate New Analysis”
    6) Select your program, which is “BS IDIS”, and click “Continue”
    7) Select “Detail Requirements” and click “Submit”
    8) Check the ‘met’ column to see if the requirement is satisfied or not. If you think you have a class in ‘work not applied’ that can be applied, please come and see me with you degree evaluation printed out and I can do possible substitutions for you.
  • Once you have pulled your degree evaluation you can compare it to your flowchart to see what classes to take next.

Why can’t I get into MMET?

  • Please click on restrictions and details and choose a section that is for ID students
  • If a section is set to ‘0’ it will most likely not be opening and you need to choose a different section

What are pre-requisite courses?

  • Pre-requisites are courses that must be completed prior to taking another course. You MUST complete all pre-requisites before taking a course.
  • MATH 151, MATH 152, CHEM 107, CHEM 117, PHYS 218, ENGL 104 and IDIS 240 MUST all be completed with a grade of “C” or better before you will be allowed to take 300 and 400 level IDIS classes

What are the courses required for a business minor?

    • A “C” or better in ACCT 209*, INFO 209*, MGMT 209*, FINC 409, MGMT 309, MKTG 409
    • A minor can be declared any time with your advisor before you apply to graduate

*Indicates courses that are included in the ID degree plan

Where do I send my transcripts from other colleges?

  • Office of Admissions
    Texas A&M University
    P.O. Box 30014
    College Station, TX 77842-3014

*If you are a degree candidate for the semester in which the transcript is being submitted, please request that your official transcript be sent to:

  • Degree Audit
    Texas A&M University
    P.O. Box 30018
    College Station, TX 77842-3018

Can I join P.A.I.D?

  • If you are an Industrial Distribution student, or interested in choosing Industrial Distribution as your major, you may join PAID online at

What if I am not a full time student?

  • If you are registered for less than 12 hours you are considered a part-time student.
  • This will affect loans, grants and scholarships, please check with the Financial Aid office for details on your particular case.


For all general questions please email