Student Organizations

Professional Association of Industrial Distribution (PAID)

The Professional Association for Industrial Distribution (PAID) is a professional, student organization whose purpose is to create networking opportunities between students, faculty, and industry. PAID is Texas A&M University’s third largest student organization, growing stronger every year. The organization serves as the gateway to the development and refinement of the skills necessary for a career in sales, purchasing, management, logistics or other field related to Industrial Distribution. PAID provides an opportunity for students to get involved, gain communications experience and benefit from professional growth. Companies often come to campus and sponsor events outside the classroom for PAID student members, including business meetings, power lunches, social events, and banquets.

Organized in 1983, PAID is a dynamic organizational platform for promoting student involvement with Industrial Distribution faculty and industry personnel. Likewise, the Industrial Distribution Career Fair is a unique opportunity for both students and industry to learn more about potential candidates and career opportunities in both a casual and professional environment.

Sigma Delta Honor Society

The Honor Society for ID Students

  • Membership awarded to ID students with a 3.30 GPR or higher
  • Led by a board of student officers providing academic and professional development opportunities such as leadership skills, management, program planning, public speaking, interaction with industry professionals, etc
  • Sigma Delta students are selected to attend Trade Association Conferences throughout the United States

Society of Women in Industrial Distribution

SWID, the Society of Women in Industrial Distribution, is the newest organization in the Industrial Distribution (ID) family. Our purpose is to create an environment that connects women in industrial distribution and allows them to share advice about professional and life experiences.